100% Organic Plant Food (Fertilizer)


Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from animal matter, animal excreta (manure), human excreta, and vegetable matter (e.g. compost and crop residues). Naturally occurring organic fertilizers include animal wastes from meat processing, peat, manure, slurry, and guano.


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What’s Included

100% Organic Fertilizer Packet 1000 grams

  • Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Contains micro and macro nutrients
  • Has good water holding capacity
  • Its antifungal property helps the plants to grow healthy
  • Contains microbes which enhance the soil properties


Please Note

  • All images displayed are of real products
  • Though it is advised to use the images for reference purpose only
  • Actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability and based on climate, age, height and season
  • The actual delivery time may differ depending on the availability of the product


How to apply

  • Indoor and outdoor plants: 100-250 grams in the pot per plant, 1.5-2 kg in the ground per sq.m., once a months
  • Lawns: 2-4 kg in the ground per sq.m., every 3 months
  • Bonsai plants: 50-100 gm in the pot per plant, every 2 months
  • Fruit trees: 2-3 kg in the pot per plant, 3-5 kg in the ground per sq.m., every 3 months



  • Keep the pouch in the dry area
  • Do not keep the pouch open for a long time
  • The pouch should be tightly closed and stored in dry space after use
  • Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek; take medical advice



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