Notocactus crassigibus – Cactus Plant


Notocactus herteri ssp. roseoluteus comes from a small area in northern Uruguay, near the border with Brazil. It is a deep green solitary globular plant, reaching a diameter of about 7 inches, with 15 to 20 vertical ridges running down its sides. Atop each ridge, or “rib”, are tufts of short stiff brown spines at short intervals.


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Plant Details

  • Plant Size: Approximately 1 inch in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf and 2-4 inches spread
  • Other name(s): Parodia, Notocactus Species, Parodia Mammulosa
  • Plant Type: Succulent, Perennial, Flower (petals are pink for most of their length, giving way to yellow at their bases)
  • Plant Placement: Indoors or Outdoors 
  • Bloom Season: Late Spring 
  • Maximum Reachable Height: up to 4 inches 
  • Difficulty: Easy to grow and low maintenance 


What’s Included

  • Plant: Notocactus Roseoluteus (1)
  • Pot: 3 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black) (1)


Please Note

  • All images displayed are of real products
  • Actual plant may vary from the picture with respect to size and appearance
  • As they are natural being and each plant differ from each other 
  • These are natural plants and required to be handled with love and care
  • Pot design and color are subject to availability 
  • The actual delivery time may differ depending on the availability of the product


Care Tips


  • Bright, filtered light and ample airflow



  • Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch
  • Never let your succulents sit in water
  • Do NOT water on the leaves
  • If you water from beneath by letting the plant sit in a saucer of water, make sure to pour off any excess water after a few minutes
  • Water more often if you live in a hot area
  • Water with caution in winter, as the plant can lose its roots if the soil stays cold or wet for long
  • Protect from frost to prevent scarring



  • Provide porous soil with adequate drainage, pots with drainage hole are recommended
  • It is usually happy with the pre-packaged cactus soil found in common hardware stores
  • To increase drainage for a picky plant, mix in a 1:1 ratio of perlite or bark



  • Monthly feeding of low nitrogen fertilizer
  • Fertilization should stop one month before the planned winter cycle for the plant’s health
  • Any organic cactus fertilizer can be used 



  • Re-potting should take place in the summer, after the year’s bloom has finished
  • Remember to water the plant regularly to promote the growth of a healthy root system during its first year in the new pot



  • Any fully grown pad from this cactus may be broken off cleanly in the early summer and re-potted for propagation purposes
  • Cuttings work best when grouped in threes or more, and should be buried an inch deep in the soil
  • Remember to water regularly to promote the growth of a healthy root system in the first year after propagation




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Do succulents clean the air?
Succulents are great in clearing the air and eliminating pollutants; examples of these include aloe vera, snake plants, etc. According to NASA studies, 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may be eliminated. Because VOCs like benzene and formaldehyde can be found in rugs, cigarette smoke, grocery bags, books, and ink, these plants are beneficial in study and library spaces.
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