Harshringar (Parijat, Parijatak)


Harsingar is also known as Night Jasmine or Parijat. It is loaded with beneficial qualities and is native to Southeast Asia and South Asia.

It is a small tree or a shrub growing up to 33 feet tall with a grey flaky bark. The leaves are quite broad with a margin. The flowers look breathtaking with 5 to 8 white corolla petals, having an orangish-red centre.

The fruit which this flower bears is a brown round to heart shaped capsule of 2 cm diameter containing a single seed. This flower is found in abundance in West Bengal, India and also in Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand. This flower loses its brightness during daytime and is most commonly used as a yellow dye for clothing.

This plant is full of medicinal properties. 


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Plant Details

  • Plant Size: Approximately 12-24 inches in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf and 6-8 inches spread
  • Other name(s): Nyctantches arbor-tristis, Parijat, Parijatak, Harshringar, Night Jasmine, Flowers of West Bengal 
  • Plant Type: Spiritual, Medicinal, Flower (White-orange colour), Fruit (a flattish round capsule)
  • Plant Placement: Outdoors
  • Bloom Season: June-October
  • Maximum Reachable Height: Up to 12 feet (144 inches
  • Difficulty: Easy to grow and low maintenance 


What’s Included

  • Plant: Harshringar (Parijat or Night Jasmine) (1)
  • Pot: 6 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black) (1)


Please Note

  • All images displayed are of real products
  • Actual plant may vary from the picture with respect to size and appearance
  • As they are natural being and each plant differ from each other 
  • These are natural plants and required to be handled with love and care
  • Pot design and color are subject to availability 
  • The actual delivery time may differ depending on the availability of the product


Care Tips


  • It is better to grow the plant in the shaded area of the garden which receives a few hours of direct sunlight



  • Periodic deep watering, well rotted compost and judicious pruning is sufficient to make it bloom 
  • Avoid standing water 



  • Fertilizing the plants once a year will be beneficial


Pests and Disease

  • It is generally pests and diseases free
  • However, when grown in poor conditions it might be attacked by some common pests like mealy bugs, aphids, spider mites and sometimes white-flies
  • For treating pests use organic pesticide or insecticidal soap



Harshringar Nutritional Benefits

  • The leaves of Harsingar contains benzoic acid, fructose, glucose, carotene, amorphous resin, ascorbic acid, methyl salicylate, tannic acid, oleanolic acid and flavanol glycosides
  • The flowers are very beneficial as it contains essential oils and glycosides
  • The seeds contain palmitic, oleic and myristic acids
  • The bark of this plant is useful due to its alkaloids and glycosides content
  • The extracts of this flower posses antifungal and antiviral properties
  • Apart from this antileishmanial, hepatoprotective and immunostimulant properties are also present in it


Harshringar Health Benefits

  • Provides relief from Chikungunya and Dengue 
  • Prevents Radical Damage to body
  • Cures Malaria and other fevers 
  • Can treat Cough
  • Anti-allergic, antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • Can treat Arthritis



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