Calathea Maranta Plant

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The Calathea is a stunning tropical plant. The silver-dark-green, large, oval-shaped leaves are striped with both thick and thin lines. The leaves can grow to six inches wide, creating a lush, jungle feel for any room.

The Marantaceae plant family includes both the Maranta and Calathea genera. Closely related and very similar in appearance, plants in both genera are often referred to as prayer plants—and both have many cultivars.

The leaves of Maranta fold together in the evening, like hands in prayer for end-of-day worship. They reopen in the morning. Hence it is known to “breathe” and “prayer-plant”


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Plant Details

  • Plant Size: Approximately 10-15 inches in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf and 4-6 inches spread
  • Other name(s): Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant or Rattlesnake Plant
  • Plant Type: Foliage (sometimes, the patterns on leaves are so complex that they look almost artificial or painted on)
  • Plant Placement: Indoors or Outdoors 
  • Maximum Reachable Height: Up to 2 feet (24 inches
  • Difficulty: Easy to grow and low maintenance 


What’s Included

  • Plant: Calathea Maranta Plant (1)
  • Pot: 6 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black) (1)


Please Note

  • All images displayed are of real products
  • Actual plant may vary from the picture with respect to size and appearance
  • As they are natural being and each plant differ from each other 
  • These are natural plants and required to be handled with love and care
  • Pot design and color are subject to availability 
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Care Tips


  • Although tolerant of low light, it does best with bright, indirect sun
  • With insufficient light, the leaves do not fully open in the morning
  • When there is too much light, the leaf colors can fade



  • water well enough so that your soil does not become dried out, but not so often that it becomes soggy
  • Use room temperature water to hydrate your plant, allowing the plant time to adjust to the water
  • Water that is too cold will chill the roots of your plant and cause stress, which can shock its system and result in leaf-dropping behavior
  • Try to water the plant in the morning
  • Whenever possible, use filtered water to water your plants to prevent contamination from fluoride/chlorine



  • Prefers well-draining soil 
  • If soil that does not drain particularly well, you can add perlite or coarse sand to the mixture
  • Other mixes will work well, but the main point is for the medium to drain well and be well aerated



  • Fertilize every two weeks in the early spring
  • No feeding is required during winters as the plant enters normal dormancy period 
  • Use a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer and dilute it to half-strength
  • Any organic fertilizer can be used 


Temperature & Humidity

  • Prayer plants, due to their tropical origins, don’t like to be kept in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures
  • They thrive when temperatures are around 18-23 °C
  • Colder temperatures (particularly those dipping below 10 °C) can stunt the plant and cause the leaves to shrivel up and turn brown
  • As a tropical plant, the prayer plant requires a very humid environment


Pests and Disease

  • Prayer plants are prone to the same pests as other household plants
  • The most common ones are spider mites
  • Spider mites are tough to see with the naked eye, but they can cause your plant to stop growing altogether
  • You may find webbing on your plants, and upon closer inspection, see the tiny mites on your plant’s leaves
  • You can use ladybugs or other predatory insects to get rid of the mites, or even use an insecticidal oil like neem oil



  • Prayer plants won’t need to be repotted often, but when they become root-bound, they will grow much more slowly
  • This will indicate that it is time to change containers
  • If you decide to repot your prayer plant, you should only do so in the spring or summer months
  • This will help prevent cold weather shock during the plant’s dormant period
  • To repot, choose a container that is at least an inch or two wider than the existing pot
  • Water well for the first few days after transplanting



  • Clip your stems right above the leaf nodes using a sterilized pair of garden scissors
  • You can prune several times a year (two or three times is best).
  • By using sharp, clean scissors, you will reduce the likelihood of damaging your plant as well as of spreading disease



  • If you are interested in propagating your plant, you can divide it into smaller plants
  • To do this, simply shake the soil off the roots and work them apart


Pet Safety

  • Pests do not seem to be a major issue for Calathea

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    My favourite plant ordered from Airifier.

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