2-Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

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Legend says a gift of living bamboo brings good fortune to its bearer, hence the name, Lucky Bamboo.

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Plant Details

  • Plant Size: Approximately 6 inches in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf and 3 inches spread
  • Other name(s): Dracaena Braunii, Friendship Bamboo, Curly Bamboo, Chinese Bamboo, and Chinese Water Bamboo
  • Plant Type: Lucky Bamboo
  • Plant Placement: Indoors
  • Maximum Reachable Height: Up to 3 feet (84 inches
  • Difficulty: Easy to grow and low maintenance 


What’s Included

  • Plant: 2 Layers Lucky Bamboo Plant (1)
  • Pot: 5 inch Round Glass Vase (Transparent) (1)


Please Note

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  • Though it is advised to use the images for reference purpose only
  • Actual product may vary in shape or design as per the availability and based on climate, age, height and season
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Care Tips


  • Indirect sunlight like from a south or west facing window
  • Direct sunlight can be harmful



  • Add fresh, clean water to your bamboo plant two or three times each week
  • It is important to keep several inches of water in the container, making sure to keep the roots of the plant wet
  • Changing the water every 7 to 10 days keeps your lucky bamboo in top condition



  • Lucky bamboo is toxic for cats and dogs, so make sure to keep it out of reach
  • If consumed by your fur babies it can cause incoordination, weakness, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, drooling and dilated pupils
  • Lucky bamboo is not toxic to humans


Temperature & Humidity

  • Lucky bamboo thrives in temperatures anywhere from 18–35°C, so it makes a great office or house plant
  • During colder months, be wary about leaving your plant near windows or other places with a cold draft


Potting and Repotting 

  • Once you see the roots crowding, move the bamboo to a larger container
  • If your plant is growing in just water, simply move it to a new vase
  • If you’re using rocks, dump them out, place your plant in the new container (or trim back the roots to use the same container) and replace the rocks
  •  If you’re using soil, dampen the soil, flip the plant with your hand on the stalks and soil to remove the plant, and move it to a larger pot



  • To propagate a lucky bamboo plant, first identify a healthy parent stalk (should have more than two bamboo segments) with an offshoot
  • Clip the offshoot from where it connects to the parent plant stalk and remove its bottom layer of leaves to create a new independent stalk
  • Place the new stalk in a small container of water and nurture the plant as you would a larger one. Repot as needed


1 review for 2-Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

  1. Shivani

    Nice gifts for office

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